Puerto Banus Nightlife

Marbella is famous world-wide for its buzzing nightlife and classy watering holes. This exclusive holiday resort has no shortage of super cool bars, fine restaurants and legendary night clubs that attract visitors and celebrities year after year.

Pay a visit to Suite on the glamorous Golden Mile if you like to sample some fine cuisine and then dance the night away or be entertained in The Playwright or La Sala, both famous for their classy atmosphere and live music. If it's a lounge bar atmosphere you are after then Living Room or El Jardin and some of the bars in the Puerto Deportivo of Marbella such as Lemmon and Sunset Marbella are a good choice, or if a cool clubbing scene with top DJs is what you are looking for, the Sintillate nights at Tibu and Pangea in Puerto Banus are a must and Aqwamist, just a short walk out of the port is also a fabulous choice! If you are looking for a personal recommendation from our team please feel free to contact us for advice and don't forget Puerto Banus is in fact 15 minutes from the centre of Marbella and 45 minutes from the airport so you will need to organise transport if you are not staying in the centre of town

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  • Aqwa Mist

  • Address: Calle Belmonte, (under La Sala), Marbella, 29660
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TIBU BANUS Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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TIBU Banus is one of the largest clubs in Puerto Banus with a fantastic open air terrace where you can party away under the stars with the best DJ's in Europe whilst rubbing shoulders with celebs too!


Pangea Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Pangea is probably one of the best sky bar nightclubs in Europe and you must be sure to come for at least one drink if you like the party atmosphere while holidaying in Marbella.

La Sala

La Sala Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Since opening in 2010, La Sala has fast become the place to be seen in Puerto Banus! The ultimate social and dining experience, La Sala has many different areas where you can eat, drink

Ocean Club Marbella

Ocean Club Marbella Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Hailed as one of Europe's largest beach-side venues, Ocean Club is set in 9000m2 of luxurious surroundings located front line beach in the heart of Puerto Banus.


Babilonia Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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The latest addition to the Linekers Group chain - a stylish bar on the frontline providing the perfect venue for a pre-clubbing drink or two!

Bijoux Banus

Bijoux Banus Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Bijoux Banus is a trendy cocktail bar with live Djs and a upmarket feel located on the second line of Puerto Banus.

Sláinte Irish Sports Bar

Sláinte Irish Sports Bar Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Offering a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Sláinte is a modern and elegant take on your typical Irish pub. They promise to show all of the main sporting events throughout the year on their many scree


Portside Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Portside is a great little bar that's right on the front of Puerto Banus. It has a front and back terrace so you can sit facing the huge yachts in the day and sit right in opposite Linekers at night.

Route 66

Route 66 Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Route 66 is located in the heart of Puerto Banus on the main square. It's a stylish diner and Bar that promises to offer all its clients' great value and great food

Linekers Bar

Linekers Bar Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Linekers is something of a landmark on second line Puerto Banus. By day it is a sports bar and by night it turns into a club with a dance floor that is never empty.

El Gran Gatsby

El Gran Gatsby Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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In the heart of Puerto Banus, El Gran Gatsby restaurant and lounge dance bar offers panoramic views of the port and exquisite Mediterranean cuisine in a chic atmosphere. Set in the emblematic tower of

The Lounge

The Lounge Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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The Lounge in the heart of Puerto Banus offers a huge cocktail and champagne menu for you to choose from, and they even have their very own cocktail and flair-show barman.

A1 Aretusa

A1 Aretusa Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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A1 Aretusa is undisputedly one of the finest Italian restaurants in Puerto Banus. Opened in 2000, the restaurant creates a magical atmosphere on each visit and their recent renovation has given the venue a stunning uplift.

Astral Cocktail Bar

Astral Cocktail Bar Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Astral Cocktail Bar in Puerto Banus is a well known venue that offers a great array of cocktails and other drinks that are perfect at any time of the day. Described as a kitchen for cocktails,


Kube Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Kube is one of the newest clubs to open in Puerto Banus. Located at the far end of the port behind Louis Vuitton, Kube exudes glamour and oppulence. They create an exclusive party atmosphere for you a

Moma Fifty Six

Moma Fifty Six Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Moma Fifty Six is the most famous nightclub in Madrid, and now it's here in Puerto Banus. Located in Antonio Banderas Square, its chic decor and upbeat atmosphere promises anyone a brilliant night out

Club de Champagne at El Corte Ingles

Club de Champagne at El Corte Ingles Puerto-Banus, Marbella

El Corte Ingles in Puerto Banus has recently opened their Club de Champagne, a fantastic champagne bar that is the perfect place to sit and sip decadent drinks before or after a hard days shopping.


Euphoria Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Euphoria are a collective of the leading events companies and party organisers in and around London and the South East who put on events in Marbella. Made up of the likes of Vintage Quarter, Moonshine

Sunset Cafe

Sunset Cafe Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Sunset Cafe is in a prime location in Puerto Banus just by the main barrier entrance to the front line port. Serving drinks and light bites until the early hours it's a popular spot!

Freudenhaus Marbella

Freudenhaus Marbella Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Freudenhaus Marbella specialises in cocktails that will blow you away! Brining mixology art to a whole new level, Freudenhaus Marbella serves you the best choice in house signature, classic and season

Hard Rock Cafe Marbella

Hard Rock Cafe Marbella Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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Hard Rock Cafe Marbella is actually found in the heart of Puerto Banús and like all other Hard Rock Café's worldwide the Marbella location offers an authentic American vibe.

Cavalli Club (formerly Dreamers)

Cavalli Club (formerly Dreamers) Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Inspired by and launched in collaboration with celebrated designer, Roberto Cavalli, Cavalli Club is the distillation of all things fabulous. Cavalli Club (formerly Dreamers) hosts many of the top per

Premier Lapdance Lounge

Premier Lapdance Lounge Puerto-Banus, Marbella

At Premier Lapdance lounge there's free entrance, regular shows, lap-dances and private dances available.


Saldubas Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Salduba Bar on the frontline in Puerto Banus is a famous meeting point and drinking spot frequented by locals and visitors alike for a spot of people watching and a cold one!


MAMA Puerto-Banus, Marbella

New nightclub MAMA has recently opened in Puerto Banus. It is one of the only non-commercial music nightclubs in the area according to the Swedish owner who has more than 17 years experience in the ni

Joy's Live

Joy's Live Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Joy's Live Pub is sat on first line Puerto Banus and has built up quite a reputation for entertaining the coast in the best way possible for the last 30 years.

O' Grady's Irish Pub

O' Grady's Irish Pub Puerto-Banus, Marbella

O'Grady's Irish Bar is well known in Puerto Banus as they were the first Irish bar to be opened in the area. Over the 10 years they have been open they have served numerous amounts of world famous

Sinatra Bar

Sinatra Bar Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Sinatras is probably one of the most successful and most famous bars in Puerto Banus. Ask anybody who has visited Puerto Banus and they will certainly have come across this popular watering hole.

Crystal's Banus

Crystal's Banus Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Crystal's is Puerto Banus' newest karaoke bar, where you can enjoy choosing from more than 400,000 songs to belt out, or watch the world go by whilst their live music and resident DJ's entertain you.

Terra Blues

Terra Blues Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Terra Blues is a good choice for a really chilled, not too glam night with mates in the Port


Scream Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Scream, a renowned club in the heart of Puerto Banus has been remodelled and has reopened its doors to the Marbella glitterati. It has been famed in the past for its late nights and lively atmosphere

Jacks American Brasserie

Jacks American Brasserie Benalmadena, Marbella

Jacks American Brasserie is a sure winner with all the family! Get ready to feast on delicious hamburgers, baby back ribs, steaks, salads, real Yankee fries and amazing milkshakes. Why not finish it o


Seven Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Seven is a popular night club that offers something different from many of its rivals in the Puerto Banus area. The interior decor is a mix of Arabic and Asian design, with Buddhas, chandeliers and sm

News Café

News Café Puerto-Banus, Marbella

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News Café is one of the trendiest bars in Puerto Banus. Just a stone's throw away from TIBU BANUS and the same sort of vibe, it is a bit of an institution attracting many celebrity fans and has been r

Casino Marbella

Casino Marbella Puerto-Banus, Marbella

Located within the grounds of the Andalucia Plaza Hotel, Casino Marbella is the main casino in the Marbella area. The Casino is open every day and is a great evening if you fancy a bit of a flutter